August 22, 2019


I got my kids back and moved into the very nice house next door. I don't recall the exact sequence of things but I soon volunteered at The Distress Centre. Another woman and I worked the Saturday night shift which I think was from 8 PM until 8AM. The phones were always busy. I remember Kevin who called and told me he was thinking of drinking Lysol [spelling?]. I told him not to do that because it wouldn't kill anything but his vocal cords anyway and I was sure it would taste awful. He said I was right because he had tried it before and they had pumped his stomach out. We had a good laugh and from then on he called me every Saturday night. If I remember correctly I went by Betty 108. One night he called in very bad shape. I asked if I could send someone out to help him and the director of the centre went to his home and I think took him to the hospital. Gordon told me I  hadn't learned to recognize an alcoholic yet. Kevins house was littered with empty bottles. He and I had lots of good conversations and lots of laughs. I particularly remember the time he seemed to be missing both his stove and his fridge and had no idea where they were. I suggested he may have sold them to buy some booze ............... to be continued...

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