August 12, 2019

Suggestion Fridays - NOT!

I forgot to tell you another very interesting Admissions One One Flew Over The Cukoo’s Nest story before I was sent to “The Cottage”. We had what I believe was our every Friday afternoon meeting in the Common room. The head nurse [we can call her Rachet] led the meeting. The patients were allowed to make suggestions. I suggested new patients should be allowed to sleep in on their first morning in the hospital. It is such a shock for anyone to realize they are in an Insane Asylum. She stared at me with cold nurse Rachet eyes and said “Mrs Bishop,,,I believe you will be leaving this unit next week….” no comment re my suggestion. 
I wonder if any of the other nurses gave a late night admission a break the next morning. Most of the staff were very nice and one nurse said “my heart went out to you the night you were admitted Betty. There are some patients you just take a liking to and you were one for me, you with your torn up sweater!” I hope she is the same nurse who asked for my collage and if so I expect she would think of me once in a while as I think of her with tears in my eyes at this moment. People and a few words can make such a difference in our lives!

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