August 02, 2019

Some Social Worker she was ....

Some days later that same social worker approached me in the common room to tell me the CAS had investigated my sister’s home and “your children won’t be going there” I probably said something like “I told you so!” and she replied with “I have also been on the other end of your nasty tongue Mrs Bishop!” to which I replied [for all those patients in the common room to hear] “and you will be again if you try telling my 16 year old daughter that she is smarter than I am when I will have to go home and live with her!” That was a sweet moment! Some time ago my youngest daughter accused me of having a “ ?? personality”. I like to think I don’t have an ?? [I can never think of the exact word she used, it was too nasty] ?? personality but I do think I have a nasty tongue at times! I sometimes [most times?] speak before I think….

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