August 19, 2019


I haven’t blogged my usual blog today because I read the article below in the New York Times this morning.  I hope you can get it. I subscribe to the NY Times so therefore I am allowed to Comment re their news. In this blog I am commenting on comments from other New York Times readers ………… 

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  • Aug. 19, 2019 
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What Part of ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ Don’t We Understand?
Here in Tennessee, the hypocrisy of execution day is almost too much to bear……….. go to the NY Times for the rest of the article ... over 500 comments 

Betty in Toronto 
@VMG - You say - "I don't see the death penalty as killing a human being"
then you must be blind. My stomach turns ...

BettyInToronto | Canada
I find executing human beings totally disgusting! Watching someone be executed is unfathomable and every bit as disgusting - unless the victim is a relative and wants the victim to know they care. I had relatives in the jailing business and I can assure you they had some nasty faults - an uncle who was a sheriff delighted in taking my brother and I through "his" jail when we were less than 12 years old. I will never forget the look on the barred inmates faces as we walked by. They were sad men. Life hadn't given them the breaks it gave my uncle!

BettyInToronto | Canada
@Douglas McNeill -you say "I believe life without parole is actually a harsher sentence than death by any means." which I totally agree with ... and then "For the most heinous crimes, I for one do not wish to grant the release of an execution." which I totally disagree with - I find it mean and cruel ... In my opinion - "there but for the grace of god go I"? ps - I am agnostic.

BettyInToronto | Canada
@Mark Marks - for those who don't know, Canada no longer has the death penalty. Yeah for us! For the little it costs to keep a person in jail for life we can say we are somewhat thinking caring intelligent human beings. I expect there are persons given life sentences who wish for the death penalty - let them commit suicide like your own Jeffery Epstein. In general I believe a person who becomes a criminal has simply not had the breaks you and I have had - often genetically.

65 years ago my 17 year old brother was boarded and killed during a Junior A hockey game. The young man who killed him [I am sure he only meant to hurt him badly - he actually hit him so hard, from behind, that he broke my brothers spinal cord and brought spectators to the ice] was tried for manslaughter. His teammates lied for him and he got off. I was, and am, very proud to say neither of my parents hoped he would go to jail. He may have legally deserved it but what good would it have done? Karma got him. He died of natural causes before he was 60. Karma is like that.

Canada | Pending Approval

Do people not know, or not care to know, that most criminals have been physically abused - slap a child's face and that child will grow up and slap someone else's face, especially their own child's face ... if they have been sexually abused or simply neglected and uncared for they may raise their kids the same way. They well may have inherited wicked traits through no fault of their own. If your aunt or uncle was a child molester there is a good chance you will be or be tempted to be a child molester etc. I believe Fate has much to do with who we are! There but for the grace of god go I. 

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