August 23, 2019

My Best Good Deed ever!

The last I heard of Kevin he had lost his house and was trying to get into a sort of hostel type of residence for old men. What a shame. He was an interesting smart man but alcohol did him in.

The next caller I remember so well was a woman who I hope is still living. She called around 11 one night and said she was alone with her cat and just wanted to chat with someone. As we chatted she brought up something about suicide .... I said "well, the problem with suicide is you can't change your mind the next day" and she said "maybe that is why I am having such a hard time this time" and I said "I beg your  pardon?!!"
She had overdosed and actually believed she just called to pass the time until the drugs took over.

(I guess if we were having that conversation now I would say something more like "I think it would be awfully hard to do because I think humans are animals and as animals we inherently want to survive").

I was afraid she was calling to ask me to save her so I immediately let her know I would NOT be calling 911 unless she asked me to do so. I felt then and still feel it had to be her choice and I had to respect that choice. I asked her to please let me know if she wanted help. She said she  didn't and we continued to talk. Soon the meds started to work and she was fading away. I was sitting on the floor with the phone glued to my ear. Finally, finally she asked for help. Seconds before she passed out. I called 911 or had my co worker call. I heard them come in and say "come on sweetheart" and than they banged the phone down in my ear. I guess they do that for good reason but I found it shocking.

I somehow learned what hospital she was in and that she had survived. I hope she still survives and thrives.

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