August 18, 2019

Metro Apartment Services

My idea was to offer a daily light housekeeping service to working people. There were no services like that at the time. Of course there was no internet in1968 or 9 and I have forgotten how we advertised but we did and we got customers. However most of them wanted weekly cleaning which we also offered. That was okay too [anything was actually OK!]. Marg supplied the car and I believe she also brought her vacuum cleaner. 
I had it all timed down to the minute - enter the apartment, set the timer on the customers stove and have at it for, if I remember correctly 1.5 hours. Then a dash to the car and on to the next apartment. Marg and I didn’t last long but it was long enough and profitable enough for me to rent and move into the very nice town house next door to my rented room. Marg quit because “you don’t need me for anything, you have all the answers” something like that. She also wasn’t fond of housework [I kind of do]. I felt it was enough that we were sharing the profit. Marg had the car so Metro Apartment Services died on the vine.   

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