August 14, 2019

I can’t recall exactly how I left. After all, it was 50+ years ago - and I am now 85 plus  ;-)!  
I expect and think my friend Marg came and picked me up. She later told me that after our ambulance ride to Whitby she had burst into tears telling her mother “they have locked Betty up and there is nothing wrong with her!!” 
I actually wonder if the whole thing wasn’t a bit of a farce?How did it happen? First and worst by far was the doc at CAMH! Then the 4 seconnal at Women’s College which actually lessened any strength I had left. Then the Emerg doctor at WCH who could/should/might have taken a bit more time to at least let the seconnals wear off before having me sentenced to 30 days in a mental hospital. 

I may send a link to this blog to some of those people. My case happened 50 years ago but I am sure things like this still happen. 

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