August 06, 2019

they had a “conference” starring Betty Bishop!

At some point they had a “conference” starring Betty Bishop! I was told they would be having it and we [by this time I had become friends with other patients] would not be allowed to use the common room on the morning of the conference. I suppose it was only one or two long tables placed end to end but when I looked through the glass doors it seemed it must be a mile long. All the staff seemed to have been invited but there was  one empty chair at the end of the table. My chair. All these people would be, and soon were, staring at me - the nurses, the doctors, the social workers, the physiotherapists,etc. [God I hope this is now done via some kind of video arrangement where the patient can be seen speaking with one or two people at a time?]
 Eventually I was summoned and sat. The head psychiatrist asked the first question which was “So, Mrs Bishop, why do you feel you landed here?” and I answered “Because I didn’t have OHIP?” OHIP was the Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan which, at that time, we paid for individually. I can only image the nasty social worker giving him the eye - “I told you so doctor, I told you so, she is a nasty one!”. The next thing I remember is bawling my head off in a toilet cubical with a a patient/friend banging on the door until I let her in. I am not sure if I stayed and answered all their questions or if I just got up and ran out of the room. Sitting at that table is still a horrible memory. 

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