August 11, 2019

At a picnic table under a large tree

At a picnic table under a large tree 
An attractive fairly young woman and I are having a chat. She is a long term patient in The Cottage for long term patients. Read forever. 
I particularly remember an ex nun who ate her food greedily - as if it was both her first and last meal. I remember no one else even though I lived in that “cottage” for at least 2 weeks. I well remember the woman under the tree though. As fellow patients we had a wee bit of chit chat and then she started warning me that we were being listened to. Did I not know there were listening devices hovering above us at all times? In the clouds, in the tree. Can’t I see them? She knows they are there, they are hired by the hospital. There were also people in the far away bushes watching our every move. 

My god! she was so convincing! I suspect that is the day I asked my doc to discharge me. Or was it the next day? I also suspect he knew it wouldn’t take long before I would ask to be discharged! Do you suppose that patient was actually a nurse planted there to scare the bejeeus out of me? ;-) …

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