August 09, 2019

An important day for me.....

One day a nurse came up to me in the common room. She asked me to help her bring a patient in. The woman had been allowed to go home for the weekend. Her husband brought her back to the hospital and dropped her off. Instead of coming in she was now standing on the front steps staring a the doors but unable to walk through them. No wonder - she was to have a shock treatment the following day. I stood in front of the doors and crooked my index finger in a “come on in dear” way for a few minutes. She came in! I visited her in her cubicle after her shock treatment and I felt so sorry for that woman. Mental illness is so unfair and so nasty. That nurse did me a great favour as I believe this incident had a great affect on me for the rest of my life. I thought maybe I was good at something. For the rest of my life I did a lot of volunteer work. At the Distress Centre, at the Queen Street Hospital for Mentally Ilness etc etc. Ironic isn’t it? 

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