July 30, 2019

They were sending me in an ambulance and insisted I had to find someone to ride with me. Eventually I called [or asked them to call] a co worker I had become friends with. So it was me tied on a stretcher and Marg beside me. It was well after dark when we got there. If I remember correctly my kids still didn’t know where I was and my sister had come and, until stopped by management, was removing my furniture from our apartment! I was wheeled into the Head Doctor’s office. I told Marg and him that he was a very good looking guy! I guess the seconal had worn off by then. Marg later told me she called her mother in tears - “they are putting Betty in the hospital and there is nothing wrong with her!” A nurse took me into a small room and gently took off my torn sweater and got me into a hospital gown and then into a bed. I think she was the same nurse who later said “my heart just went out to you that night and I think she later asked me if she could have a collage I had made. I like to imagine she still has it.

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