July 07, 2019

Sun, July 7/19 - I don’t get the regular TV channels but I do have Apple TV and I love it! I only subscribe to CBS [$5.99 a month] because 60 minutes has always been one of my favourite shows. I bought Apple TV 6 or so months ago [$274.00 total tax included]. Because I don’t pay for TV channels I think I am ahead of the game financially. As far as enjoyment goes I know I am ahead of the game! Most movies cost 4.99 to rent and last night I watched Young Man with a Horn. Do you remember it? Black and White.1950. In 1950 I was 16 years old and I think Young Man with a Horn was my first adult movie. I cried through most of it and also cried through parts of it last night. So well done. I think I will watch it again tonight!

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