July 27, 2019

It was between 2 and 3 AM when I walked into Women’s College. The nurse at the desk told me they didn’t have an emergency department but she would call the resident doctor and he would see me. The doctor was very young, very caring, very nice. I suspect I repeated what I had said to the doctor at CAMH. I do remember the young doctor saying “Oh we can’t have that Mrs Bishop!”. He would give me seconal… I should go home, sleep and come back to the clinic in the morning. I agreed. I wasn’t about to argue or plead any more. The nurse was very clever. If not for her I might not be writing these words 50 years later! Re the seconal she gently suggested “I think 4 might be enough doctor”. He agreed. Damn! Time to leave and that nurse is right on my tail. “Can I suggest you stay here and wait for the clinic to open in the morning?” No thanks. We walked down the hall and I was looking at those huge double doors and the very black night outside. I knew if I walked through the doors I would never again walk to anywhere but the Bloor Viaduct. Even as I write this I know if I had walked through those doors it would have been my last walk.

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