July 09, 2019

A Painting of my grandmother and I. She was Nellie Campbell English from Ballinifad, Ontario. I am sitting on the porch of her lodge at Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada. She owned this lodge. The dining room seated 50 guests and she did all the cooking. On a wood stove! I sometimes sat in a high chair at the end of the table and watched her almost toss hot apple pies on the counter in front of her. In a garaage behind the log was her 1934 or so Buick with a rumble seat. She was away before her time!
I did this painting while at the Art Students League in New York. I was very new to painting and had left far too much sand at the bottom of the picture. I asked Knox Martin, our instructor what I should do and he suggested the wagon etc. which I added. I also think he helped me with the trees? He is a great teacher and a lovely man.

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