December 20, 2018

Hi again!! I have been partly lazy, partly sick and partly bogged down or computer and Apple TV addicted. Its about the White House soap opera! Had a small bout of undiagnosed pneumonia [you know it when you have it - so tired! - my 4th time] along with Dr Goggle diagnosed pluerisy which is horrible. I have never had before and hope I never have it again. Then I bent down to put a sock on and heard my right rib go snap - still have to baby it but it is finally on the mend and I am going down to get my mail today. How exciting!
Worst was my reaction to antibiotics which I have decided never to take again! You don't want to know. However - for the last 2 days me and my fitbit have managed to walk over 2 miles per day. I have gotten so used to doing nothing I hope I can get back to doing something very soon. take care and savour every hour of every day if possible.  

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