September 01, 2018

I don't know how to increase the size of the text in this blog - hope you can read it. New York Times Comments re trade negotiations….. BettyInToronto I understood we only had until Friday [Aug 31/18] to sit at the NAFTA table? 2 RecommendShare ————————————— I'm betting on Trump, and so are the markets ——————————————————————— @Rob Campbell——-f no deal is reached at all, the markets will stagger, stagger, stagger. He has thrown mud in Canada's face and the quotes of him from yesterday show that he is having real trouble with thinking about all of this. Another example of his style of governing having only negative effects - particularly with other countries. BettyInToronto I expect someone in the White House [should that house still have caps?] is reading these comments and others to him. Maybe dear daughter Ivanka? They must be somewhat unnerved to see so many Americans defending Canada. I think this is why he is having trouble holding firm. Surely SOME of his base can and will read? Surely SOME of his base have visited Canada or met Canadians visiting the US - surely he is losing SOME of his base?! Hope lives eternal in the human breast! - I forget who I am quoting there:). 1 RecommendShare ————————————————————————— Canada has no choice and will ultimately bow to US requests. The Canadian gets cut a third without the support of the US BettyInToronto Thats what you and The Trumpet think. I suppose it might be what the Americans would do if they were in our position - the dollar seems to be of the highest value to many Americans - could be why you have a good [haha] "business man" leading your country. I hope you are wrong. I desperately hope we don't sell our soul and when I hear what Trudeau has to say and see the way Freeland says it I don't think we will. —————————————————————————————————— Part of what PJ Stamp of Newfoundland wrote - The comments by Americans in particular offer a reassuring insight into the strength of Canada/U.S. relations. What they show, I think, is that the relationship is overwhelmingly positive at the level where it counts most - citizen to citizen. It is far too strong and enduring to be endangered in any substantive way by any one government leader - no matter how irrational, obnoxious or threatening. etc I replied to his comment - Many Canadians are going to the supermarkets (in cars with Canadian flags flying!] and looking very carefully at where our foods and other goods are coming from. I am one of them. We aren’t buying USA imports. I hope and trust the managers of these stores are watching us on camera as well as noting the salads, juices, canned goods etc left on the shelves if they come from the USA. Sometimes we pay more for Canadian but so be it. We are a strong people! 19 recs at 2.25PM Well and truly spoken. I too thank the many Americans supporting us. Many of us I are sorry we can no longer buy your groceries or shop at the "Canadian" chain stores your country owns. It took me a while but I finally found an excellent salad made in Canada - I have adopted it forever. I doubt we will be able to forgive and forget how America voted for an Emperor with No Clothes who has no respect for Canada. We have often laughed at the Americans flying all those flags but now we are flying our Canadian Flags. I think has made us stronger and much prouder and grateful to be Canadian. Its an ill wind that brings no good! ————————————————— Tears For USA from SF had this to say - Trumps problem with Canada is clearly Mr. Trudeau. He is younger, smarter, more attractive and his biggest failing is that Ivanka clearly is taken with him. Alex C of Ottawa says - I will accept no deal & its impact rather than be blackmailed by a man who has - allegedly - committed crimes to be elected President of the United States. I - thank God - don't have to live in Trump's warped reality and don't see him as a rational actor with whom my government should negotiate. I hope that my government adopts a similar point of view & wait for an adult to reside in the White House before it engages in negotiations. Reply46 RecommendedShare ————————————————————————————————————— @obummer You think "the biggest winners will be Canadian consumers who will have access to competitive American goods and services!" I replied - Obviously you have never been to Canada. Our stores have lots of American products including groceries - it is hard Not to Buy them but a lot of us are doing it. We also have lots of American stores - from Walmart to Sacs!! Come visit - try to find a "Socialist" - I am certainly not a Socialist not do I know any socialists - we don't even have a socialist party to vote for. I hope you know that we actually vote up here? I have both lived and visited your country and it has many assets but I much prefer my country. I feel safer here - in every way! ——————————————————— @Jake Wagner Medical care is only too difficult to understand for those who have enough money to buy good health for themselves and don't want to pay health costs for those less fortunate (or lucky) than themselves. Not with their dime! It is easy to understand Healthcare - Everyone who works donates [via tax deductions] to everyones healthcare. All the tax deductions go in one big pot and is doled out to those who need it which most of us will before we die. Wow - I didn't realize foreigners stand first in line in the U.S. Does that include Canadians? How do I get in line first? I wonder if you would rather be Spanish than American - YOU could be first in line! "Coursening of politics by denying that resources are limited"? What resources do you mean? Money? You seem to have lots of resources for troops and bases all over the world? Your country chooses to spend your money on Wars and Power rather than People. Many many of your people seem to have voted for a man who cares not at all for anyone except those with lots of dollars - like Manafort maybe. However, Manafort might even be off his list soon - like Senator Cain Manafort also got caught and the Trumpet likes those "who don't get caught". You have a lot of blind people over there. I hope they are on the way to realizing they have made a horrible mistake! You sound like you are still Blind. Sorry - open wide Sonny! -------------------------------------- @DaveB ask all those who didn't vote at all! and ask them to please vote next time - for the sake of your country and mine. PS - I still don't buy products imported from the USA nor do a lot of other Canadians by the look of the fruit and vegetables left on the shelves. From the time Trumpet was elected I have believed, and hoped, he would bring himself down but more importantly, bring down the Republican Party. I lived for some time in NYC and love it although I will probably never see it again. Americans are a great resourceful people but they have come to believe they are the greatest. I don't think so - they are a cruel society in many many ways. They worship the dollar. I think and hope the States will become more like Canada - yes, we sometimes lean too far to the left and yes we pay more taxes but I think we have the right to hold our heads higher than Americans. So far most of us believe it is best for all concerned to Share the Wealth. I am sorry for you America. I wish you well. You must get rid of that con man in the White House. Reply30 RecommendShare JulieB NYCAug. 21 @BettyInToronto, you are on point. I think President Obama will be the last Democrat I'll see in my remaining 25 or so years here on earth. Trump's victory was fueled by angry and confused people who didn't even realize that he was going to take away their healthcare.

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