August 14, 2018

More New York Times Comments - re an article about a man who was executed in the U.S.A. - NYT August 13/18
It is nothing less premeditated murder. Horrible, horrible horrible! 

A person in St Louise. MO said 
OK, the execution of Billy Ray Irick is uncivilized. But America was "civilized" after killing (all ca.) 100,000 Indians, enslaving 400,000 Africans, carpet bombing to death 700,000 Cambodians...? We had "quiet" periods in our empire-building ("All Quiet on the Nation-Building Front"), and if you want to call that being civilized before Billy Irick, go at it. I'll go along with Gandhi: "Western Civilization? It would be a good idea/"
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I replied - 
BettyInToronto commented August 13
Toronto, CanadaAug. 13
Don't leave out the atomic bombs dropped on Japan! The only country in the world who has dropped them. 
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a person in Colorado said 
@dgfitzgerald Well, yes. And our society has chosen.  Incarceration and death penalties are a better investment than societal support to try to avoid crime and violence in the first place.  There are so many people with various psychological problems, and there is no serious way to tell which of the many violent or deranged people may turn homicidal. So you can see what an economic quagmire it would be to actually help so many people who MAY turn violent versus simply cleaning up after the horrendous fact. Big Government versus Freedom. So, here we are. 
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Toronto, CanadaAug. 13
@dgfitzgerald Man - you Americans are all about the almighty buck - SAD!
A man from Adks wrote -

Capital punishment is the very definition of excessive use of force.  

As a BOP retiree, I can tell you that we received training every year reminding us that once the threat is contained, and the inmate or inmates are restrained and under staff control, the use of force STOPS.  You don't get to give an extra kick to a restrained inmate because he just threw bodily fluids into your face, or because he injured a coworker, or because he's a real jerk and is causing problems all the time.  No.  Get them under control, get them into a cell, and then go walk off your anger.  (Did everyone follow that rule?  I can only say that, in 21 years, I didn't witness anyone breaking it.  If I did, I would have stopped it.)

Why, then, is it considered appropriate to take an inmate, strap him to a gurney, and kill him?  

We should be better than that.  It's not about him, it's about us.
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BettyInToronto commented August 13

@AG Respect and congratulations to you. My uncle was a Sheriff in a small Canadian city. I believe he was mostly a good man but I also remember him taking my brother and I, when we were 9 or 10, to "his" jail to see the poor suckers in their blue shirts behind the big bars staring out at us. Shame on him!!!


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