June 11, 2018

My NY TIMES COMMENTS — along with many many other Canadians posting. July 11/18 BettyInToronto Toronto, Canada8h ago I went to the dollar store this morning [I wonder who owns that dollar store - I should have asked and will next time] - for 2.50 I got one of those Canadian Flags and attached to to the back window of my car. I also have handwritten "I buy Canadian" signs under my windshield wipers. June 10/18 I am buying nothing from the U.S. - nor from American stores. I have signs in 3 windows of my car saying so. I never used to look at where my carrots, potatoes and even apples [and I live in Apple country!] came from but lots of them come from the USA. Now I look and hope other Canadians will too. We may only be one tenth the population of the U.S. but I can tell you we have far more friends the world over. I lived in Europe for almost a year and Americans were not loved [rightly and sometimes wrongly] long before the Tweetering Trumpet sulked onto the scene.

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