April 20, 2018

Hey guys - The New York Times not only published this one but I got a "Times Pick"!! It is in the comments of a article titled "Why candidates are embracing Socialism" .... "I am an 84 year old Canadian. Many Americans would call me a “Socialist” which they incorrectly seem to equate with communism. I have lived and studied in New York City and will never forget the day an American friend told me how her mother died prematurely because she stopped taking her cancer meds for financial reasons. She chose to [and did] leave her daughter the family home. I said something like “Wow! that would never happen in Canada” and she said “but thats SOCIALISM Betty!”. Call it what you like - I call it sharing the wealth. Yes, we ere - sometimes we go overboard and sometimes people take advantage of Canada’s generosity. I see it as better than erring in the opposite direction and giving too little."


Dee said...

Dear Betty, I'm in such agreement with you. For me, it's all part of the Holy Oneness of All Creation. Peace.

Wisewebwoman said...

I call it living in a just and civilised society. Well done BB.


Betty Bishop said...

it is both of the above. Thanks ladies!