February 27, 2018

my post to the New York Times yesterday -

The Headline - Trump Says He Would Have Rushed in Unarmed to Stop School Shooting

BettyInToronto Toronto, Canada 3 hours ago
My god how could he? The man has bone spurs in his heels! Give him a break. Thanks for my morning laugh!

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Dee said...

Dear Betty, I don't write letters to the newspapers because I'm no longer able to read their small print. But I am an avid TV news watcher and my cats are now getting used to me talking to the television each night when something is said about the president. We seem to be living in Cloud Cuckoo Land! Peace.

Betty Bishop said...

Hi Dee, I read all the newspapers on my desktop computer because I can make the print as large as I want it. If you are reading on an ipad I think you can do the same?
I can only guess that you wouldn't want your cats to repeat your comments on the TV news?! Do tell them NOT to repeat anything they might hear me say! I just hope Trump and company turn out to be no more than a Learning Experience.
I don't have TV but watch the news, comedy shows etc on YouTube.
Take care,