February 02, 2018

My post for the New York Times this morning - don't know if it will be published or not. Will let you know.....

It has been published - 15 minutes ago and I already have 3 recommendations. As a Canadian it costs me $11.30 a month to subscribe to the New York Times. Aside from the good reads I am allowed to Comment which I find challenging and gets rid of some angst re what I consider to be the scary sad state of the world right now. Let me know if you subscribe and I will watch for your comments. take care, Betty

When will the Americans take to the streets? This is so sad, scary and depressing! They have lost their mo-jo. Evil is winning .... will we all go down in flames?


Dee said...

Dear Betty, I took to the streets in 1969-71 when I was at the University of Minnesota. With hundreds of thousands I protested the Vietnam War. Then I took to the streets again in 2000 and 2004 and 2008 to get out the vote for leaders whom I trusted.

Now I am nearly 82 with balance problems and so I'm not doing any marching. But I do hope to align myself with the Democratic party here in the metro area and be a phone-bank person who will call others and try to get out the vote for November 2018.

We must do something before our country is taken away from us by those who have no regard for law or order or the Constitution.

And yes, things are "sad, scary, and depressing" right now but we all have a chance to bring about change. Thanks for reminding us of this as a good neighbor in Canada! Peace.

Betty Bishop said...

Hi Dee - I also marched in Toronto last year but somehow missed it this year [too bad I am not on a mailing list - don't know if there is one]. Canadians are very concerned. take care, Betty

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a terrible time in America. I don't know if we will survive this president and his crazy-making, but I can only stay in my small corner of the world and do the best with what I have and am able to do.