February 16, 2018

I posted this after the NY Times report that Mueller has accused 16 Russians of interfering in the American election. Yeah!

My Post - "Apparently some Americans did not realize they were working for Russians who passed as Americans. Could some of the comments in here [and in many other places] not be from people who were unwittingly or wittingly convinced by so called Russians that Hilary was all bad and the Big Braggart was all good? I least it would be an excuse for the bad guy winning?"

This person replied to my post -

I Heart

 Hawaii 20 minutes ago
I don't know about the rest of the NYT commentators, but I'm still waiting for the smoking gun... that Trump knowingly colluded with the Russians. Until that's brought forward, there's still due process. Innocent until proven guilty.


 Toronto, Canada 1 minute ago
Or his son? or his son-in-law? or or or .... do you think they would not tell him?

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