January 04, 2018

I have been posting comments in The New York Times Comments columns lately. Sometimes they get published and sometimes they don't - it is challenging and fun. If you subscribe to the NYT and read the comments I am "BettyinToronto".

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Jan4/18 - BettyInToronto Toronto, Canada Pending Approval
Its a movie! It MUST be a movie! 2016/7 could not have been that dumb? I say it is a hilarious, sad, sad dangerous humiliating, dangerous, disgusting blockbuster. The worst is that thousands think it is not only good but also real. Who are those people? They scare me to death.
PS - the comments are great - lots of laughs and truths in those words !

Jan3/18 - BettyInToronto Toronto, Canada 25 minutes ago
But we have thought that so often over the last year!

BettyInToronto Toronto, Canada 45 minutes ago
The Greeks said "The mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceedingly small". Lets hope the mills hurry up and let us sleep easy for a while? Canadians feel for you America!
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Jan2/18 - Well well! Seems Kim Jong-un has called Mr Trumps bluff! I don't think we will be having a war soon - don't know about you but I am relieved! 

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BettyInToronto Toronto, Canada Pending Approval
Re; Sarah Huckabee - Is she actually a real person? I hardly visit the Press Room anymore but if I do walk in [via my screen, of course] I walk out very quickly. Ugh! She is at it again! So sanctimonious! Such hard, cold brown eyes! Such bullshit! I am almost  sure she is a puppet and somehow I know who is inside her voice box.

Dec 24/17 - NY Times PUBLISHED MY COMMENT! My understanding is Trump is of German heritage. Is there any modern group of people who have more to answer for than the Germans? Well ... maybe the U.S. when they dropped the only atomic bombs that have ever been dropped on human beings? So glad I am Canadian although I loved living in New York City and feel sad to know I will never go there again. What a great town it was and hopefully will always be - but surely it isn't American?   

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