October 15, 2017

This is my neighbours dog - an adorable little Pomeranian - I am her "grandma" and she visits me every Friday night while her parents [well ..... you know what I mean!] go out for dinner. Since I am still mourning for My Josie [she will be gone for 2 years in one week but I still say "good night Josie" most nights!!😢] I guess we could call her my therapy dog?


Wisewebwoman said...

I had a Pomeranian rescue once. Oh my. Untrainable he was so damaged. We tried for a year of misery. Him and us. Your foster dog is adorable.


joared said...

Oh, he’s so sweet looking! I had a Toy Pom. I named him Ducmoor Billy’ s Wee Sandy though I never registered him. He became spoiled rotten when I had to leave him with others, where he learned to become very manipulative. Ultimately, I had to part with him, but gave him to an older couple whose Poms had died of old age. I went to visit Sandy later and he was living in Dog Heaven — the center of their attention and lives — spoiled even more, if that was possible.