September 01, 2017

I am working on this rather strange piece of work. I gave a friend a few pencil crayons and in the process I left some of them on my kitchen counter. Later I picked up an old pencil drawing, on a wooden board, of this friend of mine. I started to colour her with coloured pencils and am still colouring her - isn't it a strange piece of work?! Most of the time I simply copied the marks already engrained in the wood although the 3 spikes [?] in the upper right corner are the shadows of some of the pencils sitting in a cup on my counter. The bottom half is unfinished - I have only lightly outlined the shaped in the wood.
To be continued ...


Dr Michelle Frantom said...

I like it Betty.

Betty Bishop said...

Thank you Dr - I like it too. I have in mind to write something with a title remotely like "How I became Eleanor Roosevelt". This painting unconsciously has a lot to do with that. Not that I was thinking of Eleanor when I was working on it.
I "wore" bits and pieces and as much of possible of Eleanor Roosevelt" from age 18 until earlier this year at age 83 when the mask dropped off and I am now all me.
You will see another name on my painting [someone I might have been] and a shield [to protect me], then a painting to distract me and eventually [hopefully] take me away in calm cool waters?
take care!❤️