July 29, 2017

Arthur Schopenhauer - From the Greatness category:
To be alone is the fate of all great minds – a fate deplored at times, but still always chosen as the less grievous of two evils. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Arthur Schopenhauer - From the Happiness category:
Happiness belongs to those who are sufficient unto themselves. For all external sources of happiness and pleasure are, by their very nature, highly uncertain, precarious, ephemeral and subject to chance. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Arthur Schopenhauer - From the Sadness category:
Almost all of our sorrows spring out of our relations with other people. (Arthur Schopenhauer


Wisewebwoman said...

I like the last sentence particularly BB. How very true that is.


joared said...

There can be truth in those quotes. On the other hand our own thinking, expectations of others, which may not match their own, can effect those feelings.