March 14, 2017

Hey! I recently stumbled on this picture of me many years ago although it doesn't feel like it was all that long ago. I was somewhere between 42 and 45 at this Christmas party for Walter Coles Catering. Gee - I looked good didn't I? I am now paying the price for all those delicious cigarettes. I have fairly mild case of COPD but it is still enough to be life changing. If you read this and you smoke do stop or at least cut them down down down to give your lungs less reason to stop working properly.

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joared said...

Different times, right? Interesting what we humans do to our bodies and your recommendations are wise. Hope your COPD stays mild. Gal much younger than me, had to quit doing my hair, since between her smoking and the chemical sprays she inhaled as a hairdresser she now has severe COPD.