February 19, 2017

Stanley Barb with someone I don't know in the lobby of the Chelsea Hotel - read more about him and the Chelsea at      http://www.chelseahotelblog.com

Oh dear! The New York Times tells me Stanley Bard died yesterday. He was 82 - as am I. Stanley “managed” the Chelsea Hotel in New York City. I lived at the famous hotel  the winter of 1991/2 while attending the Art Students League. I love the Chelsea and Stanley was a very good man. I called from Toronto  asking about a room. Stanley answered the phone - “come on down and we can decide how much your rent will be later …” With some trepidation I did just that. He gave me a great large room on the 6th floor with a little balcony and  2 double beds, a combined stove/fridge and my own bathroom. After several weeks and several requests he told me my rent would be $1200.00 a month - a pittance! 
Thanks Stanley - I see David says you had a stroke, I don’t think you would have like living like that so I wish you god’s speed and I thank you so very much!


Wisewebwoman said...

What a lovely story BB. And how was your time in NY?


Betty Bishop said...

I loved New York Wise! Loved the Chelsea! Loved the Art Student's League. How sad it must be now. I doubt I will ever get there again - wouldn't even want to.