April 25, 2016

I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Thelonius Monk around 1974 or thereabouts [he was playing at the Colonial Tavern on Yonge Street in Toronto]. We were in his room at the Royal York Hotel and his wife shuffled in and out of the room in her blue slippers as we talked. I wrote our conversation down and just came across it during my Spring Cleaning. Enjoy! If necessary click on it to enlarge. 


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh my Betty I'm so glad you wrote it all down. I remember the Colonial, the Saverin, the Brass Rail, the old Royal York and that room, name escapes me, Toronto was a theatre wilderness then but enchanting clubs, full of smoke and shabby chairs (The Coal Bin), etc.

Thanks for sparking my memory bank. I remember one spot on Yonge, we'd go there for lunch and they'd show B&W movies as we chatted and ate. Yorkville was real then.


Betty Bishop said...

I think it was the Melody Room at the Royal York? Saw Peggy Lee there. And years before I was a waitress at the Town Tavern where we made big bucks and worked very hard! All the Rounders [thats what we called them, I suppose they were mafia - their woman were all busty, blonde and quiet.] came to the Town. Most customers ate lobster wearing big Town Tavern bibs. Great music - I remember Sarah Vaughn who was very late getting herself on stage to sing wonderfully. I took my kids to the Colonial, they saw Sammy Davis Junior from backstage at the O'Keefe Centre and when I could afford it I took them to George's Spaghetti House on a Sunday night. What a different world it was!
take care,

Betty Bishop said...

It was the Imperial Room Wise! The Melody Room was [I think] at the Allistonia Hotel at Wasaga Beach.