November 27, 2015

Finished The Beagle - 10" x 13" Pastel on Paper.  I am very happy with him or her. Worth framing. Liked working with pastels and will try using them to make Christmas cards with a pastel painting of My Josie.


Wisewebwoman said...

Love it Betty!


Betty Bishop said...

Thanks Wise. Me too. The teacher wasn't very happy with me. Some teachers just love to work on your work - they let you get the bones down and then they come in and make it theirs! She was about to do do exactly that before I said "please don't" as politely as possible. Once someone touches my work I may as well start over [although a lot of students love it and take home what they consider to be "their" painting]. It is no longer my work. She managed to make nearly everyones painting hers and I know some people were hurt by this. She critiqued [as she worked on their work] everyone in the class except me!!! I didn't need her critique as I know this is a good painting. If she had "critiqued" it both the eyes would have been the same colour and for me it wouldn't have worked!
Now to see if I can do something like it for my Josie....
take care,