October 25, 2015

I guess I should have combed my hair!

Having a last bath in the kitchen sink.

She was born on August 8, 2009. She died last Thursday - October 22, 2015 after 14 years and 46 days of living. We lived together for all but 62 of those days. I thought we had a deal to die on the same day but at the end she got tired and cranky and couldn't wait. I feel she clearly told me she wanted out - I clearly heard her.
She never lost her sweetness. She knew I didn't like her lick/kissing my face so she only did it when she knew I was in distress - like the last day of her life before we headed out to the vet. 
She climbed onto the table willingly, whimpered a bit when they inserted the catheter [if I had to do it over again ai would ask they simply search for a vein and only use the catheter as a last resort - it is painful]. I massaged her little brain as I had done most every night for most of her life - she got a "full body massage" but the brain was her sweet spot. Almost immediately she lay her little head on the table. Her ears were perfectly placed, her left eye [the only one I could see] was open. She was SO beautiful - I wish I had taken a picture although I know I will never forget how lovely and perfect she looked. 
Josie was a Joy. My Joy. She gave me a laugh a day most every day of her life. Such a sweet, smart, sensitive,funny dog you can't even imagine! Unless, of course, you have been in love with your own dog. Then you will understand. 

I am posting this because I have friends and family who also loved Josie and right now I can't talk about her without crying and yet I know they would want to know she doesn't live with me anymore and never will again. 
I am so glad and grateful we knew and loved each other.


Holly said...

Oh Betty,
I am so sorry. Much love to you. I know how much that sweet one meant to you, and you to her. She was a doll.
Love always,
Holly xoxoxoxox

Betty Bishop said...

Thanks Holly xxxooo

Wisewebwoman said...

We know the depth of our love for these beings by the level of our tears.

With you in spirit. I remember holding my 16 year old Chelsea in my arms when we said goodbye with our eyes locked on each other.

It is never, ever easy and I will be facing it soon again.


Betty Bishop said...

I'm doing OK most of the time - except when I come in the door and she isn't there to greet me - except when I go to my bedroom and she isn't on the end of the bed waiting for her full body massage - except in the car when she isn't looking out the window trying to figure out where we are going - etc etc etc . Boo hoo hoo!
Aren't dogs wonderful?- if I wasn't so old I think I would be searching the want ads for little cockapoos! Dogs are so uncomplicated - so loving, so forgiving, so interesting and so unassuming. They keep our secrets and never have a bad word to say about anyone and they know damn near everything!
Don't leave it too long Wise - she will tell you when her time has come. I hope I'm not rationalizing when I say Josie told me. More than once. I think I made a mistake when she got old - I felt sorry for her - she didn't want my pity. She wanted to be young and whole again. As do I. I find I am starting to slip now that I am over 80 - I hope by next year we have a law that will let me leave this interesting, wonderful, miraculous world when I know my time is up

katie espie said...


This is beautifully written, deffinatley shed tears remebering all the good times we've had. Having naps in the park and adventures on the board walk. She lived a good life, with one of the best owners she could have had.

Much love,


Betty Bishop said...

Thanks for those walks and that loving Katie - she loved you too! xxxooo