October 24, 2015

"My" dog to be was in a cage with 4 adorable looking velvety black little pinchers. "Mine" was an off white Cocapoo with a red/blond Spaniel streak down her back a very poodley face. I watched her for a long time. She became mine when the attendant came to feed the dogs. All 5 dogs scrambled and begged to get out but only one made it as far as the woman's shoulder - hey! thats MY dog!! I asked if I could hold her. Certainly. She rested her head on my left shoulder gazed up at my face and never moved as we walked around the store listening to other customers say "look at that dog - they are made for each other etc.!!  You know I bought her, bought the cage, bought the food and anything else we needed. We headed for the subway and a fairly long ride home. She stayed on my shoulder the whole way. I suppose some would say we bonded! I would say we fell in love. Eventually I named her Josie. We lived together until the day before yesterday. 

More tomorrow or the next day ..... 

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Wisewebwoman said...

Oh Betty I am so very, very sorry. Know my heart is with you and know that I've been through it and will very soon again.

How lovely you found each other or more correctly Josie found you, just as Ansa found me.

They are beyond precious and dear. I weep for your loss.