July 25, 2015

Up early this morning trying to sketch Mary Beth McKenzie [.com] preparing to attempt to copy her self portrait ....

and a quick sketch of Josie and Simon facing off while watching a Delecroix video and taking notes.


Wisewebwoman said...

I love the wall of pictures, you gave me an idea for my own :) Is Josie not incontinent? Lovely to catch up with your doings and creativity. Life's not worth much without a dash of inspiration and perspiration.

Betty Bishop said...

Hi Wise - good to hear from you and sorry you are having a tough time lately. I love The Wall too [Walls, actually - my whole apartment is pretty well covered] - some of your knitting would also look wonderful. A lot of the paintings are hung on straight pins! No measuring and I have a very tall artist friend who came and hung the high ones for me.
Isn't it so great to make something from nothing! For no good reason.
take care,

Betty Bishop said...

Oops - forgot. Josie has a little problem in the night sometimes. At first she was very ashamed and cowered under the closest chair. However, we had a long discussion and I explained some of us humans also have that problem and I am OK with it. She brightened right up and now asks me to put on her fancy turquoise diaper before going to bed! We were visiting a friend and I put the diaper on just in case. Simone the Cat accepted her too!