July 29, 2015

I may have given up on this one - OR maybe I will go back to it another day. There are supposed to be 2 more men on the left side of the police lineup and I only have room for 1!! The measuring stick in the middle [which was where I started this drawing] should have been further to the right. All in the learning. I did learn something good though - The original painting was done by an New York artist and drawing teacher. Her name is Michelle Zalopany. I love her work! 

This is the 4' x 6' canvas that [in my dreams!] will eventually [will I live that long?]  hold the Barrie Polar Bear Club Swimmers - New Year's Day [2014].
First sketch - once I get a decent sketch [if ever?!] I will do some small paintings before attempting the big one. 

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