January 13, 2019

Another drawing for Self Portraits Sunday. My head is too big - my face is way too young - the hands are very bad but mostly I should have started at the top of the page with the top of my head because I am not that short at all. I hope you appreciate my new tights though! Bought 3 pairs at a pot up store in Georgian Mall for $10.00 per pair. Can't beat that can you?! I just wear the Red Cherries around the house .... you understand! Click on the image for a close up. Hope you are having a good Sunday. 

January 07, 2019

I just finished reading timegoesby.net which is Ronnie Bennet’s excellent blog. Ronnie worked in U.S. television for many years before retiring and writing her blog. She now has Pancreatic cancer and has been told she only has months to live. She is a great writer and many great writers make great comments! Much food for thought. Right now she is experimenting with psilocybin [aka Magic Mushrooms] which is also an interest of mine.

January 04, 2019

Wow - this was so much fun. I couldn't help but think of Matisse and how much he would have loved the ipad. I drew this self portrait while lying on my back in bed last night. Earlier I had taken the picture of me - I imported it to the left side of my ipad pro and drew the self portrait with my Apple Pencil on the right hand side. I should have put it all on a gray background and my hair could then be white. Too late!

January 02, 2019

6 year old OOma was one of the kids who came to my art lessons in Toronto.  As if I could teach her [or any kid for that matter] art. I found a file of kids work I didn't know I had. Will post more!

January 01, 2019


December 30, 2018

That is me last night taking my picture [I am sure I really don't look that bad in person!] and then drawing it on my ipad pro using Procreate and this morning putting it in Sunday Morning Self Portraits in facebook. What a great idea for a site - hope I can keep doing one every Sunday for the next 10 years! 

December 21, 2018

I have Apple Music [8.99 Canadian a month] and right now I am playing Kris Kristofferson's "16 Biggest Hits". It is perfect for me because Kris Kristofferson can't carry a new and neither can I! He sure could write songs though! The best thing about Apple Music is they display the words of most songs.

December 20, 2018

Hi again!! I have been partly lazy, partly sick and partly bogged down or computer and Apple TV addicted. Its about the White House soap opera! Had a small bout of undiagnosed pneumonia [you know it when you have it - so tired! - my 4th time] along with Dr Goggle diagnosed pluerisy which is horrible. I have never had before and hope I never have it again. Then I bent down to put a sock on and heard my right rib go snap - still have to baby it but it is finally on the mend and I am going down to get my mail today. How exciting!
Worst was my reaction to antibiotics which I have decided never to take again! You don't want to know. However - for the last 2 days me and my fitbit have managed to walk over 2 miles per day. I have gotten so used to doing nothing I hope I can get back to doing something very soon. take care and savour every hour of every day if possible.  

October 10, 2018

I am very happy to say this painting now hangs in Double Doors Art Barn for an indefinite period of time. 
Double Doors is a very sweet gallery in Anten Mills which is on Horseshoe Valley Road 15 or so minutes from Barrie. It is open from noon to 4PM Friday to Monday with a new artist coming in once every 3 weeks. Closed during deep winter. www.ddsag.com
My painting is 4' x 6' - Oil on Canvas. It started out as the Barrie Polar Bear Swimmers but eventually became something else. I named it "Laugh" because Laugh and the World Laughs with you by Ella Wheeler Wilcox is written one of the ovals. The other oval quotes Robbie Burns - "If only the gift the gods would gie us to see ourselves as others see us". Both were poems my father quoted often. 
"Laugh" is for sale for $3,900.00. 

September 26, 2018

Last night I spent hours reading and posting in response to an article by Padma Lakshmi in the New York Times. She was raped by a "friend". As a Canadian is costs me almost $16.00 a month to digitally subscribe to the NYT. Subscribing allows me to comment on articles they publish. Worth every penny! There might even be a free trial period. Here are some of the comments and replies that kept me crying and reading and posting until 2.30 AM last night. 
chicagoSept. 25
Back in the '80s, when men tried to touch me, handle me, force me, I told my parents. Their response still shocks me: "Why can't you get along with anyone? If you had more confidence, boys would know they can't get away with that with you!" I hope that 30 years later, no girl (or boy) will ever be made to feel that there is shame in speaking up about abuse or that this unwanted attention is something for which they are to blame. I'm still trying to come to terms with my parents' bizarre and damaging response.
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CanadaSept. 25
@rox I know how you felt - when I told my mother I thought an old friend of my brothers was coming on to me she sarcastically said “oh Betty, you always think men are after you!” I thought maybe she was right - went out with him - he tried to rape me! Mind you she had a point - I was pretty attractive in those days 
Verena commented September 26
SeattleSept. 26
Thank you. I am crying reading all these comments ... but I had to smile at your last sentence, even if it is all sad...
Ocoee, FlSept. 25
I was raped when I was 88 years old and I have never told anyone. This happens to so many people who never even tell others who are close to them. I felt ashamed and that it must have been my fault.
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CanadaSept. 25
@Aeryn. Omg - you poor dear. I am 84. Carry on - he will rot in hell!
ms commented 4 hours ago
ca4h ago
@Aeryn Perhaps you already know this but rape is about power. It can unfortunately happen to anyone even older people. Please don't feel ashamed about it: it is not your fault. I hope you find someone you can confide to discuss your feelings and heal. As a geriatrician, I know my colleagues would not judge you or treat you any differently than someone younger reporting rape.
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TucsonSept. 25
Thank you for telling your story.....a story that is familiar to so many women. I have never told my story, and unfortunately I had one incident when 16, one at 21 and one at 32. That being said, the one at 16 marked me more than the others because it was the end of innocence and trust. The others may have been a result of the damage because I got myself into questionable relationships. My self esteem was not high enough to chose well. Simply put, I never really trusted anyone again.
BettyInToronto commented September 26
@DE —-so sad and so true for so many of us - thanks for putting words to it. Be good to yourself De.
Erica commented September 25
VancouverSept. 25
It’s been 3 years now since I was a victim of rape. I haven’t filed a report and I am not sure I would ever do it now. At the time, I thought it was my fault and the people that I trusted with my secret asked me all the wrong questions: “what were you wearing? Why did you go to his place? Nobody is going to believe you without evidence”
I’m a wife now, I have a degree, a good marriage and a beautiful dog. I can say I live a very happy life. However, sometimes when I’m walking my dog alone at night my heart beats faster than usual. I get sweaty hands when I’m alone with a strange man in a small space, like an elevator. Sometimes, I might get flashbacks out of the blue and my husband holds me tight while I cry a little bit.
I have always wonder what he’s doing now. If he’s still successful like he was back then. If he had done this to somebody else. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever come a time when I find the courage to file that report even if nothing happens out of it.
The day after it happened one of my teachers asked me after class if there was something going on with me. He could see it all over my face. I said nothing was wrong.
I wished I had said different.
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New York CitySept. 25
File the report Erica. If nothing else, it will pin him to the wall and mark him for life. I think that it will give you some sense of control and help make you feel better and thereby heal a little. Times, they are a changing.
BettyInToronto commented September 25
CanadaSept. 25
@Erica- yes - file the report or at least write to his place of work.mine was a high school teacher - I wrote to his school telling them to believe the next person it happened to. These guys do it more than once. You have the courage - That is why you wrote it in the NYTs.
re the New York Times article by Padma Lakshmi: I Was Raped at 16 and I Kept Silent
I understand why a woman would wait years to disclose a sexual assault………
“ These experiences have affected me and my ability to trust. ... Some say a man shouldn’t pay a price for an act he committed as a teenager. But the woman pays the price for the rest of her life, and so do the people who love her.”
The last line is so true. It hurts to think about those who love me and those who have tried to get close to me. I know that the lingering fear of intimacy has caused me to push them away.
It takes a tremendous amount of courage, effort, resources and support to overcome the long-term negative impacts of abuse. My hope is that the actions of the brave women coming out to tell their stories to raise awareness of the effects of abuse will lead to more support being provided to help heal those who continue to suffer on a daily basis.
Leslie Ebersole
St. Charles ILSept. 25
Thank you for being truly brave and telling your story. Your important story.
Betty Bishop
Toronto CanadaSept. 26
Very very well said. I have hurt many men and women due to the pain I suffered but could not see clearly. I didn’t understand. I was lost. Years of therapy with a good shrink has maybe made me almost whole in my eighties. Still live alone though.
CanadaSept. 25
As a victim of sexual abuse as a child (you don’t want to know) and as a therefore vulnerable emotionally blind adult (due to various childhood traumas) which undoubtedly led to more “incidents” I must say all the Me Too confessions on these pages and everywhere have helped me immensely. When I see men on television “confessing” (with nothing to confess to!) I am particularly moved - it must be so hard for them - even harder than for we women! My burden is shared - I don’t carry it alone. I want to thank all of us for saying it out loud. THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU and always remember it wasn’t your fault.
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as of 3PM on Wednesday Sept 26/18 over 1,300 people have posted a comment re this article. Comments are still open. 

September 24, 2018

I am very happy to say this painting now hangs at the Double Doors Art Barn for an indefinite period of time.
Double Doors is a very sweet gallery in Anten Mills which is on Horseshoe Valley Road 15 or so minutes from Barrie. It is open from noon to 4PM Friday to Monday with a new artist coming in once every 3 weeks. Closed during deep winter. www.ddsag.com
My painting is 4' x 6' - Oil on Canvas. It started out as the Barrie Polar Bear Swimmers but eventually became something else. I named it "Laugh" because "Laugh and the World Laughs" with you by Ella Wheeler Wilcox is written in one of the ovals. The other oval quotes Robbie Burns - "If only the gift the gods would gie us to see ourselves as others see us". Both were poems my father quoted often.
"Laugh" is for sale for $3,900.00.

September 01, 2018

I don't know how to increase the size of the text in this blog - hope you can read it. New York Times Comments re trade negotiations….. BettyInToronto I understood we only had until Friday [Aug 31/18] to sit at the NAFTA table? 2 RecommendShare ————————————— I'm betting on Trump, and so are the markets ——————————————————————— @Rob Campbell——-f no deal is reached at all, the markets will stagger, stagger, stagger. He has thrown mud in Canada's face and the quotes of him from yesterday show that he is having real trouble with thinking about all of this. Another example of his style of governing having only negative effects - particularly with other countries. BettyInToronto I expect someone in the White House [should that house still have caps?] is reading these comments and others to him. Maybe dear daughter Ivanka? They must be somewhat unnerved to see so many Americans defending Canada. I think this is why he is having trouble holding firm. Surely SOME of his base can and will read? Surely SOME of his base have visited Canada or met Canadians visiting the US - surely he is losing SOME of his base?! Hope lives eternal in the human breast! - I forget who I am quoting there:). 1 RecommendShare ————————————————————————— Canada has no choice and will ultimately bow to US requests. The Canadian gets cut a third without the support of the US BettyInToronto Thats what you and The Trumpet think. I suppose it might be what the Americans would do if they were in our position - the dollar seems to be of the highest value to many Americans - could be why you have a good [haha] "business man" leading your country. I hope you are wrong. I desperately hope we don't sell our soul and when I hear what Trudeau has to say and see the way Freeland says it I don't think we will. —————————————————————————————————— Part of what PJ Stamp of Newfoundland wrote - The comments by Americans in particular offer a reassuring insight into the strength of Canada/U.S. relations. What they show, I think, is that the relationship is overwhelmingly positive at the level where it counts most - citizen to citizen. It is far too strong and enduring to be endangered in any substantive way by any one government leader - no matter how irrational, obnoxious or threatening. etc I replied to his comment - Many Canadians are going to the supermarkets (in cars with Canadian flags flying!] and looking very carefully at where our foods and other goods are coming from. I am one of them. We aren’t buying USA imports. I hope and trust the managers of these stores are watching us on camera as well as noting the salads, juices, canned goods etc left on the shelves if they come from the USA. Sometimes we pay more for Canadian but so be it. We are a strong people! 19 recs at 2.25PM Well and truly spoken. I too thank the many Americans supporting us. Many of us I are sorry we can no longer buy your groceries or shop at the "Canadian" chain stores your country owns. It took me a while but I finally found an excellent salad made in Canada - I have adopted it forever. I doubt we will be able to forgive and forget how America voted for an Emperor with No Clothes who has no respect for Canada. We have often laughed at the Americans flying all those flags but now we are flying our Canadian Flags. I think has made us stronger and much prouder and grateful to be Canadian. Its an ill wind that brings no good! ————————————————— Tears For USA from SF had this to say - Trumps problem with Canada is clearly Mr. Trudeau. He is younger, smarter, more attractive and his biggest failing is that Ivanka clearly is taken with him. Alex C of Ottawa says - I will accept no deal & its impact rather than be blackmailed by a man who has - allegedly - committed crimes to be elected President of the United States. I - thank God - don't have to live in Trump's warped reality and don't see him as a rational actor with whom my government should negotiate. I hope that my government adopts a similar point of view & wait for an adult to reside in the White House before it engages in negotiations. Reply46 RecommendedShare ————————————————————————————————————— @obummer You think "the biggest winners will be Canadian consumers who will have access to competitive American goods and services!" I replied - Obviously you have never been to Canada. Our stores have lots of American products including groceries - it is hard Not to Buy them but a lot of us are doing it. We also have lots of American stores - from Walmart to Sacs!! Come visit - try to find a "Socialist" - I am certainly not a Socialist not do I know any socialists - we don't even have a socialist party to vote for. I hope you know that we actually vote up here? I have both lived and visited your country and it has many assets but I much prefer my country. I feel safer here - in every way! ——————————————————— @Jake Wagner Medical care is only too difficult to understand for those who have enough money to buy good health for themselves and don't want to pay health costs for those less fortunate (or lucky) than themselves. Not with their dime! It is easy to understand Healthcare - Everyone who works donates [via tax deductions] to everyones healthcare. All the tax deductions go in one big pot and is doled out to those who need it which most of us will before we die. Wow - I didn't realize foreigners stand first in line in the U.S. Does that include Canadians? How do I get in line first? I wonder if you would rather be Spanish than American - YOU could be first in line! "Coursening of politics by denying that resources are limited"? What resources do you mean? Money? You seem to have lots of resources for troops and bases all over the world? Your country chooses to spend your money on Wars and Power rather than People. Many many of your people seem to have voted for a man who cares not at all for anyone except those with lots of dollars - like Manafort maybe. However, Manafort might even be off his list soon - like Senator Cain Manafort also got caught and the Trumpet likes those "who don't get caught". You have a lot of blind people over there. I hope they are on the way to realizing they have made a horrible mistake! You sound like you are still Blind. Sorry - open wide Sonny! -------------------------------------- @DaveB ask all those who didn't vote at all! and ask them to please vote next time - for the sake of your country and mine. PS - I still don't buy products imported from the USA nor do a lot of other Canadians by the look of the fruit and vegetables left on the shelves. From the time Trumpet was elected I have believed, and hoped, he would bring himself down but more importantly, bring down the Republican Party. I lived for some time in NYC and love it although I will probably never see it again. Americans are a great resourceful people but they have come to believe they are the greatest. I don't think so - they are a cruel society in many many ways. They worship the dollar. I think and hope the States will become more like Canada - yes, we sometimes lean too far to the left and yes we pay more taxes but I think we have the right to hold our heads higher than Americans. So far most of us believe it is best for all concerned to Share the Wealth. I am sorry for you America. I wish you well. You must get rid of that con man in the White House. Reply30 RecommendShare JulieB NYCAug. 21 @BettyInToronto, you are on point. I think President Obama will be the last Democrat I'll see in my remaining 25 or so years here on earth. Trump's victory was fueled by angry and confused people who didn't even realize that he was going to take away their healthcare.

August 20, 2018

Kirkland Kabins  24"x36" Oil on Canvas $2,000.00 

If you happen to be in Midland, Ontario, Canada this month you may want to go to the Quest Art Gallery. If you do you will see my painting and 32 other excellent works of art! Click on the painting for a closer look. I am thrilled to have my work accepted, over 250 artists submitted over 400 works.

August 14, 2018

More New York Times Comments - re an article about a man who was executed in the U.S.A. - NYT August 13/18
It is nothing less premeditated murder. Horrible, horrible horrible! 

A person in St Louise. MO said 
OK, the execution of Billy Ray Irick is uncivilized. But America was "civilized" after killing (all ca.) 100,000 Indians, enslaving 400,000 Africans, carpet bombing to death 700,000 Cambodians...? We had "quiet" periods in our empire-building ("All Quiet on the Nation-Building Front"), and if you want to call that being civilized before Billy Irick, go at it. I'll go along with Gandhi: "Western Civilization? It would be a good idea/"
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I replied - 
BettyInToronto commented August 13
Toronto, CanadaAug. 13
Don't leave out the atomic bombs dropped on Japan! The only country in the world who has dropped them. 
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a person in Colorado said 
@dgfitzgerald Well, yes. And our society has chosen.  Incarceration and death penalties are a better investment than societal support to try to avoid crime and violence in the first place.  There are so many people with various psychological problems, and there is no serious way to tell which of the many violent or deranged people may turn homicidal. So you can see what an economic quagmire it would be to actually help so many people who MAY turn violent versus simply cleaning up after the horrendous fact. Big Government versus Freedom. So, here we are. 
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Toronto, CanadaAug. 13
@dgfitzgerald Man - you Americans are all about the almighty buck - SAD!
A man from Adks wrote -

Capital punishment is the very definition of excessive use of force.  

As a BOP retiree, I can tell you that we received training every year reminding us that once the threat is contained, and the inmate or inmates are restrained and under staff control, the use of force STOPS.  You don't get to give an extra kick to a restrained inmate because he just threw bodily fluids into your face, or because he injured a coworker, or because he's a real jerk and is causing problems all the time.  No.  Get them under control, get them into a cell, and then go walk off your anger.  (Did everyone follow that rule?  I can only say that, in 21 years, I didn't witness anyone breaking it.  If I did, I would have stopped it.)

Why, then, is it considered appropriate to take an inmate, strap him to a gurney, and kill him?  

We should be better than that.  It's not about him, it's about us.
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BettyInToronto commented August 13

@AG Respect and congratulations to you. My uncle was a Sheriff in a small Canadian city. I believe he was mostly a good man but I also remember him taking my brother and I, when we were 9 or 10, to "his" jail to see the poor suckers in their blue shirts behind the big bars staring out at us. Shame on him!!!


August 08, 2018

Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen.
Mark Twain (1835-1910) U.S. humorist, writer, and lecturer.

As for old age, embrace and love it. It abounds with pleasure if you know how to use it. The gradually declining years are among the sweetest in a man's life, and I maintain that, even when they have reached the extreme limit, they have their pleasure still.
Seneca (4 BC-65) Roman philosopher and playwright.

 Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself.

Pythagoras (BC 582-BC 507) Greek philosopher and mathematician.

August 05, 2018

On Friday I received an email telling me this painting of mine has been chosen along with the work of 32 other artists to be part of an August 24 to late October exhibition at the Quest Art Gallery in Midland, Ontario! I am so pleased and flattered to be included as these fellow artists have many more credentials than I. Their work is wonderful. I have priced this painting at $2,000.00 but am not sure I want it to sell. My family owned Kirkland Kabins for many years. That is my father in the back row. He built most of those cabins himself. I am in the orange dress in the front row, one sister beside me and another in the blue sunsuit. The other people were guests who rented cabins from up although when I replaced some of  the guests heads with my neighbours heads. 

July 28, 2018

"Laugh and the World Laughs with You"
Hey - its finally finished and I love it!! This canvas has been sitting in my studio/living room for over 3 years. It is 4 feet high and 6 feet long. I have to thank Katie for re canvasing it - thanks Katie! For a long time it rested against the wall with just a drawing of The Barrie Polar Bear Club swimmers drawn on it. At some point I got COPD and had to change from oil based paints to water based oil. Eventually and slowly [hey! I'm 84!] the swimmers evolved into portraits [sort of] of friends and me and my sweet no-longer-here dog. Hope you like it too. Click on it to see more detail.

June 11, 2018

My NY TIMES COMMENTS — along with many many other Canadians posting. July 11/18 BettyInToronto Toronto, Canada8h ago I went to the dollar store this morning [I wonder who owns that dollar store - I should have asked and will next time] - for 2.50 I got one of those Canadian Flags and attached to to the back window of my car. I also have handwritten "I buy Canadian" signs under my windshield wipers. June 10/18 I am buying nothing from the U.S. - nor from American stores. I have signs in 3 windows of my car saying so. I never used to look at where my carrots, potatoes and even apples [and I live in Apple country!] came from but lots of them come from the USA. Now I look and hope other Canadians will too. We may only be one tenth the population of the U.S. but I can tell you we have far more friends the world over. I lived in Europe for almost a year and Americans were not loved [rightly and sometimes wrongly] long before the Tweetering Trumpet sulked onto the scene.

May 30, 2018

I might actually manage to finish this painting?! So much fun - click on it to see it close up. 4' x 6'.

May 08, 2018

May 01, 2018

I go to Go Figure" most Monday mornings. It is a 2 hour life drawing class in Nottawa, Ontario. This particular model was clothed and this was a 1 hour pose. I "painted" her on my ipad pro using Procreate.  When I got home I gave her another coat of paint - I like her!!

April 20, 2018

Hey guys - The New York Times not only published this one but I got a "Times Pick"!! It is in the comments of a article titled "Why candidates are embracing Socialism" .... "I am an 84 year old Canadian. Many Americans would call me a “Socialist” which they incorrectly seem to equate with communism. I have lived and studied in New York City and will never forget the day an American friend told me how her mother died prematurely because she stopped taking her cancer meds for financial reasons. She chose to [and did] leave her daughter the family home. I said something like “Wow! that would never happen in Canada” and she said “but thats SOCIALISM Betty!”. Call it what you like - I call it sharing the wealth. Yes, we ere - sometimes we go overboard and sometimes people take advantage of Canada’s generosity. I see it as better than erring in the opposite direction and giving too little."

April 16, 2018

This was a post in the New York Times comments today. I have to agree with Michelle from California. Scary and sad. Michelle California 19 minutes ago Mr Comey states that Trump doesn't represent American values and he should not be President because of his moral failings. Unfortunately, he does represent American values, only our worst values/traits which are our love of celebrity and money, our complacency and ignorance concerning politics and the rest of the world, and mainly, our racism and demonization of people who are not white Christians. Even though Trump is hiding his criminality, he is not hiding his character. Sixty-three million people voted for him because of the aforementioned values which is the truly frightening part of the Trump debacle.

February 27, 2018

My Post today - self explanatory I think. 

Oh heck - Your second hilarious headline in 2 days. #1. Trump would have gone  up those stairs in a minute!  #2.  Jared Kushner got a B, or was it a C? I didn't have to read either article before commenting. I know, I know, I have a mean streak! I guess I am just a nasty woman. 
my post to the New York Times yesterday -

The Headline - Trump Says He Would Have Rushed in Unarmed to Stop School Shooting

BettyInToronto Toronto, Canada 3 hours ago
My god how could he? The man has bone spurs in his heels! Give him a break. Thanks for my morning laugh!

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February 21, 2018

from the New York Times yesterday - my comments re comments re an article titled “How to Break up with your iphone”

Someone posted this - “I got off Facebook a year ago because it was too tough to see how well everyone else's lives were compared to mine. I was stunned to find 20 more hours a week to live my life. That's over 1,000 hours a year, or the equivalent of almost *60* 18-hour days. I'm glad to have two more months of living every year now, and will consider the points in this article to see how I can otherwise expand this.”

I replied with this - got 3 Likes -
I find it tough to realize everyone else has so many loving, supportive friends. Friends galore - by the hundreds and thousands!
My father always said something like "if a man [he should have said person but this was a long time ago] has 3 good friends by the time he dies he is a lucky man". Thats about the way it is for me - not counting my FB friends of course!

Someone posted this -
I have a flip phone. It allows me to take (bad) pictures, text and call. Period.
It horrifies me to sit on the subway, in a museum, in a nice restaurant, a movie etc and see my fellow human beings drowning in their phones, oblivious to their surroundings or companions. They are lost in the world they have crafted on their phones, where everything that does not pertain to them is shut out and, like Narcissus, they can stare at themselves forever.
Smart phones are dangerously seductive and addictive. Designers make them do more and more things to draw users farther and farther in. If Mussolini or Hitler had lived in the time of smart phones, we'd all be speaking German. 

To start, do not allow your smart phone into areas and times of your life when you would not welcome some other human being. Never, ever have it in your bedroom, or be on it after 9. Those are not 'public' times or spaces. Do not use it when your attention is needed elsewhere - work, driving, school or time spent with friends or family. Unless you are in some kind of crisis, you do not need to check it repeatedly. It is far more necessary to focus on the world and people around you.

Never forget that the people who design this technology are trying their best to make you dependent on it, to invade every crevice of your life for their own profit, to separate you from the distractions and messiness of actual life.

I replied with this w - got 1 Like -

You mean I should say goodbye to the New York Times, The Atlantic, Vanity Fare, New Yorker, Al Jeezera, The Guardian, PBS and on and on and on? Or should I subscribe to them all? I said goodbye to Television and hello to my Macs 2 years ago. The best thing I ever did. The internet is a wonderful place - so much knowledge so easily available any time of the night or day! I am sure there are people who say telephones were a crazy invention - so much better to just talk over the back fence! 

February 18, 2018

Finally getting some work done on my 6'x4' masterpiece [ha ha] which is so much fun! I am working from left to right and everything I do cracks me up - the Helmet Man with his Olympic mitt and completely missing right hand .... Then Slightly Ivanka or maybe it should be Slightly Blind Ivanka since her hair mostly covers her left eye. It looks like I am going to sitting next to her but you never can tell - so far I am only a sitting ghost in Charcoal .... repeated down below wearing red pants?!

February 16, 2018

I posted this after the NY Times report that Mueller has accused 16 Russians of interfering in the American election. Yeah!

My Post - "Apparently some Americans did not realize they were working for Russians who passed as Americans. Could some of the comments in here [and in many other places] not be from people who were unwittingly or wittingly convinced by so called Russians that Hilary was all bad and the Big Braggart was all good? I least it would be an excuse for the bad guy winning?"

This person replied to my post -

I Heart

 Hawaii 20 minutes ago
I don't know about the rest of the NYT commentators, but I'm still waiting for the smoking gun... that Trump knowingly colluded with the Russians. Until that's brought forward, there's still due process. Innocent until proven guilty.


 Toronto, Canada 1 minute ago
Or his son? or his son-in-law? or or or .... do you think they would not tell him?